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My trip to Hita completely changed my outlook on life in most aspects. Before the 2 months I spent in Japan, I would look at a Japanese person and immediately categorize them as an introverted mild mannered individual. However, as time went on I realized first impressions are overrated. Because of the time spent with the people there, it was easy to learn personalities and form lifelong relationships. It was an experience worth every second and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 



Partners Across Cultures sent 14 students and four adult leaders to the country of Guatemala this summer! Partnering with an organization called Clubhouse Guatemala (, we built playgrounds and hosted a sports camp for the village children outside of Guatemala City. This was our second summer to serve the poor and meet practical needs in Guatemala.


PAC began taking US students on cultural exchange trips to Turkey in 2006, and has been building effective relationships with schools and students there ever since. Our last trip was with a charter high school in Antalya, Turkey in which our students taught English and exchanged cultural insights with the Turkish students. Turkish students from past programs have stayed in touch with many of our students and were able to reconnect with some of them on this trip as well. At the end of that program, the lead teacher and several of her students made plans to visit our students in America during their winter break, which was a great success. PAC is currently preparing for a second exchange program of Turkish students and teachers visiting the US this summer. We look forward to ongoing, reciprocal exchange. 



Upcoming Trips

Turkey to Texas
PAC is pleased to host a second Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) this summer with 22 students and two teachers from Turkey! They will be getting a taste of American and Texan culture in host homes, renewing friendships with American counterparts, and sightseeing locally and beyond. 

Each summer about a dozen people go to the city of Hita, Japan for a cultural exchange program. This yearly event is led by Steve Headland and his wife, Ruth. Participating with them each year are several high school and university students. The program, called “The Hita Summer Adventure”, includes involvement in several schools, teaching English, playing sports, and leading a cross-cultural youth camp for Japanese students. Each of the American young people live in a Japanese home, giving them an opportunity to improve their language skills and participate in authentic Japanese culture. They also volunteer at a local business as a way to serve the people of Hita City.


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